A compilation of underwater footage I shot while on various day dives, night dives, and freediving adventures from September 2014 and April 2015. Huge thanks to Jim, Martina and Ryan at Manta Ray Advocates for the camera equipment, housing and for so many amazing ocean opportunities. For a wealth of information on Manta Rays, check out the world-class professional photographers and expert educators at MantaRayAdvocates.com.

Music: "Debussy - Printemps, II. Modéré" by Jason Weinberger & wcfsymphony

Compilation of my motion design, visual effects and compositing. Music by Kavinsky.

Viral promo ad for Manta Ray Productions. I directed and edited this piece as an allusion to the great silent film era.

I edited and designed this story detailing an extremely rare wild animal encounter. I also filmed many of the most iconic shots.

Kekahakai State Park in western Hawaii has an expansive dried black lava field leading to a gorgeous beach. Ka Lae is the southern-most point in the USA, at the southern tip of Hawaii. It has multiple cliff and rock jumps, miles of excitingly dangerous 4WD-only dirt trails, hulking cliffs to the north with a large wind farm, and one of the planet’s only green sand beaches, Papakolea. Music: Hillbilly Hellcats - Hillbillies On Speed

An awesome weekend of forest hiking, sequential waterfall rock climbing, volcanic rock cliff jumping, and black and white sand beach shenanigans at Waipio Valley, The End of the World, and Kua Bay. Shot with two GoPro cameras by Adam Fram and Michelle Dorothy around the western & northern areas of the Hawaiian Big Island. Music: "Tchakare Kanyembe track 08" by Tchakare Kanyembe